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Beta 0.5
- Added localization system, translations into Russian and English
- Added spawn system for mobs
- Added mobs: Chicken (day, peaceful), Zombie (night, neutral)
- Added drop from mobs, with different drop rates.
- When the ovens are removed, the contents drop out
- Upon death, the contents of the inventory drop out of the player
- Fix saving inventory
- Added "Health" and "Satiety" parameters to creatures
- Added a system of effects on the parameters of creatures (buffs and debuffs)
- Added restoration of "Health" due to "Satiety"
- Low indicators of "Satiety" reduce the speed of movement
- When you run, "Satiety" is consumed faster (x3)
- Added context menu to items in inventory (click on item)
- Added the ability to eat food and destroy items
- Added recipes for chicken meat and zombie meat
- Added a debuff when eating zombie meat and a buff when eating chicken meat
- Other fixes

Beta 0.4
- Added a player skin loader from the main game folder, (player.png)
- Save and load maps, single player map management screen, menu screen
- Saving loot, player position, mode, map icon (world.png)
- Saving inventory, contents of furnaces and chests
- Support for custom map icon from map folder, (icon.png)
- Speeding up the algorithm for comparing crafting recipes
- Motion blur effect (experimental)
- Added player health, fall damage, death screen
- Added crafting of stone tools
- Day / night cycle of the world (sky, stars)
- Added basic sounds and music
- Added processing of furnaces, smelting stones and logs
- Fix: prohibition to install blocks if the block is already installed
- Fix: foliage passes the player

Beta 0.3
Prohibition of installing blocks on map actors.
Fix the player's spawn to the surface of the map
Opening inventory 2x2, workbench 3x3, chests and furnaces (temporarily locked)
Return of resources from crafting windows when the window is closed
Added coal ore and coal, ore added to generation
Fixed lighting (report)
Added flowers and trees to the generation
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